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Windsor Patch

Crowd funding is a great way to generate money for a community or business project...

Windsor Patch is a gift based crowd funding platform which means that those that make a contribution to a project are provided with a gift in exchange for money... not shares!

I’m looking for projects that will resonate with the people of Windsor... if you know people who are trying to help a community group with a project, introduce them to me...

If you know of individuals who have a dream of doing something, that can be business or pleasure, that requires the support of the community, point them to me...


Project success requires people to gather a crowd... we can help & offer advice on the best way forward but this is not a quick fix, it requires hard work... no slackers please...


Thank you.


Jon Davey

07717 820823



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Michael jansen
Iain Major
Michelle Heywood
Geoffrey Kidd
David Arvin Shaw
Stuart Young
Sounds like a great idea - I'll get my thinking cap on.
Jonathan L Davey
Good lad... get a pic locked & loaded so we can see the blue & whites of your eyes ;0
Stuart Young
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  • Coming soon
    Coming soon

A list of resources for this Patch and its Projects will be published in this column shortly