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RSA South Central

Across the South Central region Fellows collaborate on projects, events and activities to positively affect their local communities. Projects range from transforming empty shops in order to bring communities together, to helping drive ambition in schools by connecting to local business.

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  • Manga Paradise Lost

    We need to raise £2,800 to cover the cost of printing Books I & II of our manga edition of Paradise Lost. This will enable us to generate t...
    • £2,800
    • 101%
    • 55 contributors
  • Ridgeway National Tr...

    There are opportunities to help in a number of ways so why not join our happy and enthusiastic team of volunteers and really make a differen...
  • Brain Mind Forum

    With initial funding of £1400 for a new website, we will create a platform from which to launch a series of events and initiatives in 2017. ...
    • £1,400
    • 106%
    • 20 contributors
  • Captcha Challenge
    Corrine  Sarabia
    Tam McDonald
    Brain Mind Forum is up and running with its CrowdPatch funding campaign, while developing the site plan for its new website and working on an events schedule for 2017. Details for both will be shared ...
    Geoff Wiggett
    Jeffrey Newman
    ian germer
    John Bradley
    Kelly O'Reilly
    Mark Burgess
    Louis Cadiou-Horsley
    Jonathan Kennedy
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    •   Coming soon
        Coming soon