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Jolabokaflod Book Campaign

This campaign patch encourages everyone to take up the Icelandic "jólabókaflóð" tradition of buying books as gifts to be read on Christmas Eve. This patch supports grassroots, interactive, projects worldwide to get books into the hands of disadvantaged and vulnerable readers.

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  • Book Bulletin: Summe...

    EXHIBITING AT THE LONDON BOOK FAIR (10-12.04.18): The not-for-profit Jolabokaflod Book Campaign needs £10k+ to support a full programme of a...
    • £10,000
    • 0%
    • 198 days left
    • 1 contributors
  • The Icelanders Comet...

    'The Icelanders Cometh' aims to raise GBP 2304.16+ to mark 'World Book Night' and 'World Book and Copyright Day' on 23 April 2016 to pay for...
    • £2,304
    • 103%
    • 25 contributors
  • Book Bulletin: Winte...

    The Jolabokaflod Book Campaign is paying for a national PR/marketing campaign and Gala event for Christmas 2016. We need to raise at least £...
    • £10,000
    • 108%
    • 35 contributors
    •   Coming soon
    • Christopher Norris

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